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  • PROBLEM ENTERING? I tried to enter a game by sending my entry numbers by text but you sent me a reply saying “Sorry but you do not have an account with PayDay Lotteries. Go to any Zenith Bank and buy Gaming Credits or buy online at"

    You must open an account before you can play a Game. You can do this either by first buying Gaming Credits at any Zenith Bank branch or online on this Lottery website or have someone who already has an account, transfer some of their Gaming Credits to you by Account to Account Transfer. Please see HOW TO PLAY on the website.

  • I have entered a game but my entry has not been accepted?

    There are several reasons why this may have happened, some are outlined below.
    1. You do not have an account
    2. Your entry was incorrect
    3. You have banned yourself from the service. See RESPONSIBLE PLAY.
    4. We have been banned you from playing. See paragraph 12 of TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
    5. You have insufficient Gaming Credits in your account.
    6. The number you have chosen for your entry has already been chosen many times and has reached its entry level. See paragraph 8 of TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
    7. You have played 35 times within a one week period thus reaching our maximum responsible play level for a week. See paragraph 9 of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
    8. Your Account is locked.

  • How am I charged for entering a game and when do I pay?

    The cost of entering a Game is charged to your Gaming Credit (SA1) Account. When you log in to your account you will see a full record of all your transactions. You will receive confirmation of your entry from us by SMS for the Naija Millions and Super Millions and confirmation of results for Naija Star, Millions and Super Millions games. The cost to you of sending an SMS to enter a Game may be charged by your network operator.

  • How do I pay for entering a game?

  • How do I enter a Game?

  • How do I claim a cash prize and when do I get paid?

    We shall pay or enable the payment of your prize no later than 7 working days after a valid win. See paragraph 10 of TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

  • What are the terms and conditions for entering a game?

  • How will my personal information be used?

    We will not sell or give your personal information to a third party for marketing purposes. Please refer to our PRIVACY POLICY for full details.

  • How do you choose the numbers for each draw?

    We use a random number generator (RNG) operated by Lightmaker Lotto Limited who are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. The RNG is produced by Protego Information AB that has passed the most stringent statistical tests such as Diehard which ensure that the numbers drawn are random.

  • I don’t understand

Responsible Play

Payday Lotteries has developed policies and practices that address problem gambling.

Find out more about responsible play

SMS Commands

  • Help

    When you text “help” you will receive a message explaining that you can text certain key words to get further information

  • Balance

    When you text “balance” you will receive a message giving you your Gaming Credit Account (SA1) and your Prize Money Account (SA2) balance.

  • Register

    When you text “register” you will receive a message explain how to register by SMS.

  • Ban

    When you text “ban” your phone will be stopped from playing any games for 26 weeks or a longer period defined by you.

See full list of commands here