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Who We Are

Who We Are

PAYDAY LOTTERIES Limited Rc: 989988 is an innovative indigenous mobile lottery company with a National license by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission to operate lotteries in Nigeria

Our core values and philosophies

EXCELLENCE: The best and nothing but the best for our customers is in everything that we do.

INTEGRITY: Honesty is our policy at all times

EMPATHY: The "Care" for our fellow man, his circumstances and the environment is our primary and overwhelming motivation.

OPTIMISM: We are happy and positive-minded and we believe that everything good will come to those who try.

TEAMWORK: Our strategic focus on partnerships reflects our belief that synergies increase our odds of winning together and achieving excellence

Our Vision

To become Nigeria’s Number 1 Lottery services Provider with unrivalled reputation for integrity, scope of operations, innovative services, engaging games, unique customer experience and the greatest social impacts

Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is to facilitate a greater Nigeria by delivering superior, world class gaming and lottery services, using the best of human resources, technology, innovations and strategic partnerships to:

  • Inspire optimistic Nigerian adults to live better lives
  • Support the society to prosper through good causes

Corporate Social Responsibility

"GIVING LIFE A CHANCE" is a truly unique platform deployed in disseminating our special contributions to society.

Besides the statutory 20% contribution of our gross earnings to the National Lottery Trust Fund for good causes, we devote a substantial portion of our net earnings to special developmental projects.

"Giving Life a chance" is conceptualized to propagate both our corporate message, as well as our corporate essence, through actions that impact life and society positively.

It is a flexible platform that gives birth to various initiatives at different times that will "do good" through support for education, healthcare, infrastructural development, sports development, youth development, etc.


If you're unhappy with the service you've received, please email us from the contact us page

Responsible Play

Payday Lotteries has developed policies and practices that address problem gambling.

Find out more about responsible play

SMS Commands

  • Help

    When you text “help” you will receive a message explaining that you can text certain key words to get further information

  • Balance

    When you text “balance” you will receive a message giving you your Gaming Credit Account (SA1) and your Prize Money Account (SA2) balance.

  • Register

    When you text “register” you will receive a message explain how to register by SMS.

  • Ban

    When you text “ban” your phone will be stopped from playing any games for 26 weeks or a longer period defined by you.

See full list of commands here